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Vietnam Housing & Education Project

- Kien Giang -


Sahaya Vietnam program from Sahaya International on Vimeo.


Sahaya International Art Charity Event was a success!

Dear friends and family,

A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated in the Sahaya International Art ShowClick here for more information about this event! this past Saturday, March 30th, 2013. It was a very inspiring event and everyone had a blast!  Most importantly, 100% of the donations - without the loss of a single penny -will go directly to Vietnam to aid those families living in impoverished conditions and to aid poor children who lack adequate education. All proceeds of the card sales are used to help people in India.
We owe much gratitude to all the talented, kind, and generous artists who donated 100% of their beautiful art to the charity art show:  Andy Gouveia, Ria Fresnoza, Jamie Giannotti, Vinnie Vertie, Hoang Pham, Ian Wing, Chung Truong, Tiffanie Truong, and Sidd Cheetancheri.  
A special thanks to all the volunteers who selflessly devoted their time, effort, and heart to make this humanitarian effort possible!   And thanks to everyone at the Transparent Fish Fund and the Chao Family Foundation for the matching grant and kind support.
And finally, thank you, all the compassionate friends and family who came to support this humanitarian cause!  With great kindness, compassion, and unity, we can truly help those in need.

May all be well, healthy, and at peace.  May all be free from suffering.
In deepest gratitude,

Chung Truong
Sahaya International Vietnam Director

Art show
Sahaya Art Show flier


Update February 2013: Get your donation matched !

Sahaya International's Vietnam program has been awarded a $10,000 in grant by the Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation and a $10,000 matching grant by the Transparent Fish Fund.  The grants will provide much needed financial resource to continue our humanitarian mission of providing shelter and scholarship to the impoverished families in Kien Giang, Vietnam. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to The Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation and The Transparent Fish Fund for their kindness and generosity.  The Chao Foundation grant will be used to provide homes for ten families.  The matching grant from the Transparent Fish Foundation will be used to support both housing and scholarship programs.

The Transparent Fish Fund will match your donation dollar for dollar when you make a donation online in the year 2013 (total matching up to $10,000). The Transparent Fish Fund promises that 100% of your donation reaches its intended recipient. No transaction or overhead fees are ever deducted.

Please click here or on the button below to donate to Sahaya international's Vietnam projects and have your donation matched 1:1. On the donation page, please use the "Donate to a project"/"Add to cart" feature to select for which project you want to contribute to assure your donation is direct to your project of choice.  




To learn more about the Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation click here or on the logo
To learn more about the Transparent fish fund projects please click here or on the logo

As of February 2013: we have already constructed 23 houses and provided scholarships to 51 children!

To see the impact of the program, watch the video below (press the "cc" button to see subtitles).


In the province of Kien Giang. located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam, rural families live in uninhabitable conditions.

The infrastructure of their homes is very weak. The roofs are comprised of leaves and plastic tarp that provide minimal protection from the tropical climate. As the rain leaks through, the undeveloped dwelling floors turn into mud. In addition, families lack adequate supply of clean drinking water, food, and medicine.

In addition, family struggle to find the resources to send their children to school. This results in high drop-out rates.

Vietnam map

Buu Son Monastery, a Buddhist monastery in Kien Giang, has assisted this impoverished community for several years. The monastery has constructed basic homes with rain resistant roofs and tiled floors. In addition to the shelter, the monastery provides beds, cooking supplies, jugs of clean drinking water, and food. The cost of a single home construction is $800 (US dollars). The cost of beds, cooking supplies, water, and food is $200. Thus the cost per unit is $1,000.

The  house building program has been in progress since 2001 through efforts of the Chua Buu Son Monastery.  To date, the monastery has constructed 369 homes in the community.  The Buddhist monastery monks are very trustworthy mentors of Sahaya’s long time friend and board member, Chung Truong, who will direct and oversee this project and be the link between supporters in the USA and the program in Vietnam.   Through this collaboration of Sahaya International and the Buu Son Monastery, our mission to provide aid to the impoverished communities of Kien Giang providence will be accomplished successfully.

Simple facts on Kien Giang’s Rural Community

- Education:

Illiterate, uneducated

- Employment:

Day labor

- Water Sanitation:

Polluted creeks and rivers filled with garbage, chemicals and fertilizer from the rice fields

- Healthcare:  

No health insurance.  No clinics or hospital nearby.

- Current Housing Conditions:  

Vietnam housing project
Undeveloped floors.

Vietnam housing project
Old walls and roofs made of leaves and plastics.

Overall Aim:

To provide shelter, basic necessities and education to the impoverished rural communities of Kien Giang, Vietnam with the collaboration of Chua Buu Son Monastery through several programs:

Our programs:

Program 1:  Construction of shelters & provision of basic supplies to needy families (click here)

Program 2: Education& Scholarship program (click here)

Expected Outcome:

  • The expected benefits are improvements in the lives of these families by providing adequate shelter, food, water, and basic supplies.  Although the families may still be faced with further challenges, their immediate basic needs of food, shelter, and water will be fulfilled.
  • The ultimate goal of the project is to empower the families with education, vocational training ,and skills to attain a sustainable living.

Any questions about this program?

Contact Chung Truong at

We can use your help!

If you live in the USA, you can make tax-deductible donations!


Please click here or on the button below to donate to Sahaya international's Vietnam projects via the Transparent Fish Fund and have your donation matched 1:1 (up to a maximum amount of $10,000). On the donation page, please use the "Donate to a project"/"Add to cart" feature to select for which project you want to contribute to assure your donation is direct to your project of choice.  You will receive a tax receipt from the Transparent Fish Fund.




check If you would like to make a Check Donation, please make checks payable to " Transparent Fish Fund" and mail it to:

Transparent Fish Fund
445 South San Antonio Rd. Suite 204
Los Altos, CA 94022

Please remember to specify that your donation is for "SAHAYA VIETNAM" and include your name and address (or email address) for issuing donation receipts.




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