Become a Champion of Health

A Letter From the Founder


Dr. Purnima Madhivanan


Dear Friends,


PHRII continues to grow and thrive but our core mission remains the same: To improve the lives and health of women and children in India.  This year has been particularly rewarding because our new Prerana Reproductive Health Clinic is serving a growing community. Thanks to the help of Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer (PINCC) we’re expanding our offerings to include routine cervical cancer screening, cryotherapy and LEEP at our clinic. Cervical cancer continues to be one of the great killers of our women, so I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. In addition, we have expanded our community outreach efforts, training more than 270 peer-educators to help spread the message of good health. Our laboratory has also expanded into molecular diagnostics so that we can provide more sophisticated medical services to the communities we service.


Besides offering medical services, PHRII is also dedicated to advocating for increased healthcare access for women with local, national and international policymakers.  We continue to work closely with the government of India National Rural Health Mission in Mysore District on healthcare worker training and research. We have also presented at meetings of the International AIDS Society, NIH, UNAIDS, and Asia Oceania Research Organization on Genital Infections. Additionally, we have shared our research findings in more than 14 papers published in prestigious journals including AIDS, BMJ, Vaccine, Adolescent Health, Tropical Health & International Health, Global Public Health and Human Resources for Health. We’ve also had more than 20 presentations at national and international conferences including International AIDS Conference, the International Microbicides Conference, the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research, and the American Society of Microbiology. 


PHRII is also in the third year of our three-year grant from Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to increase capacity for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in India. We have identified and trained over 400 community health workers in rural villages on HIV/PMTCT and provided integrated mobile health services including antenatal care, HIV voluntary counseling and testing, and PMTCT services to more than 1,000 pregnant women in about 144 rural villages surrounding Mysore City. We are hoping to expand these activities and are presently looking for additional resources. 


I continue to be very proud of the many interns who have visited PHRII and become part of our extended family. So far we have hosted more than 17 from University of California, Stanford, and Harvard. This year will be the busiest one yet. We will be hosting interns from Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley and San Francisco Department of Public Health! I believe this program brings new energy, excitement and true commitment to global public health.


And as I always say, the best is yet to come! Join us and come along on this life-building journey. We look forward to working with you on providing a better future for women and children in India. 


Warmest Regards,




Dr. Purnima Madhivanan