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Update December 2017:

We are proud to announce that in 2017, Praveen has graduated as medical doctor.

We thank everyone who joined "Team Praveen" by making contributions over the past 5 years to make this possible.

Praveen is currently doing internships, but is planning to specialize and soon start the extra training to become a general surgeon (see below).


PRAVEEN  is a 22-year old youth from a poor lower-caste family in rural southern India. He recently joined Sahaya International's  programs. Praveen always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor and making a difference in his community.
He had very high marks in his 12th standard public exam, and in July 2012, received admission to a Medical School.  He is the very first student in our programs to get accepted for medical studies, so this is very special. We are extremely proud of him.

He wrote the letters below (please scroll down).

Because college expenses of Medical School are very high, we were first in doubt what to do. However, after much reflection, we decided that there was only one correct solution, and that is to take the big challenge upon us to raise the money for him in the coming years. This is a good investment in his future, as he is eager to help us in the future and pay it forward.

While Praveen's medical studies are completed, if you like to support his plans to specialize to become a general surgeon, every contribution helps.

Please note: Sahaya International is a 501(c)3 organization. Our Tax ID number is 68-0434770. Accordingly, all donations are tax-deductible according to standard IRS regulations.

Please click on the DONATE" button to the right to contribute online via credit card


You can also mail us a check, made payable to "Sahaya International", with mention "PRAVEEN" to

Sahaya International
1504 Portola Street
Davis, CA 95616

Please spread this news to your friends and relatives, especially if any of them are medical doctors or also work in the health care field. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about Praveen.

Many thanks to everyone who is able to help, either directly or by spreading the word.

Email letter November 2017:

Hi dear Koen,

How are you ? I am doing good. So far, my internship period which i joined last April is fantastic and i have   enjoyed and  learned a  lot. And of course  sometimes it's quite awful moment at patient care testing upon ourselves to be a balanced doctor.   So, for the  past 8 months, days passed  very rapidly. Another 3 to 4 months left for to complete the internship and to be graduted as MBBS doctor. Yes  I can treat even now in primary Care and  most of the secondary care.

Many times i used to look back the moment it all has been started. Yes i remember the day  when I was waiting in READ office to get sponsorship. It all begins there and suddenly years passed by. This achievement is because of Sahaya and READ honestly. .I would like to do M.S (General surgeon ).

I would like join a  PG coaching center to be  started in next April.. Yeah i'll complete my internship on March. The next month I need to join and classes will be scheduled every sat Sundays and few working days for a period of 6 months i.e From.April to September. Morever the graduation for MBBS will be conducted on July or August. So Its very useful  to attend classes on that occasion. If the classes are really excellent then I can  easily get into PG entrance  Called NEET PG India in a single attempt. PG coaching centers are located many in Chennai..For me, DAMS PG coaching center  is more comfortable and i have friends along with me ready to join. For that we have to pay 65,000 Rupees for entire 6 months. Only 500 seats available. I know this amount is very high for a coaching class but this is the best coaching center in Chennai. Convey my regards to all sahaya supporters.Thank you for everything.. Take care ,


An e-mail update from Praveen, December 2015:

Dear friends,

how are you? I am studying well, and hope you also are doing the best. I am preparing for my exams (Ear/nose/throat, Opthalmology, SFM) at the end of January. Right there, I have attended all those theory classes and clinical postings. It is very useful for treating many minor problems.

I am remembering each and every day of my life that READ and Sahaya has given me great opportunity to come up in life. I assure that I will give more assistance to the people living with so much difficulty.

Foremost, I am here to wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New year". May this new year bring you lot of happiness and fulfillness to your thoughts. Convey my regards and love to our Sahaya brothers, sisters and friends.

Thank you,

4th year Medical Student  
Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu

Praveen in 2015


An e-mail update from Praveen, November 2014:

Dear friends,

how are you? I am fine.

I am studying very well. I am preparing for the upcoming university exams. I am going to write 4 subjects: pathology, pharmacology, forensic medicine and microbiology. In spite of several difficulties in pathology, it is a great challenge to me to get some practical knowledge with such interest. I told my friends about Sahaya and all of you and they were very happy and also encourage me a lot.

I know my responsibility and will surely do whatever I can to help Sahaya and READ organizations. I am very happy and proud as a student of you.

Convey my wishes for the holidays to all Sahaya friends.

3rd year Medical Student  
Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu



An e-mail update from Praveen, October 2013:

Dear friends,

How are you?
With your support and great wishes, I have started the second year of Medical School. A week ago I have bought more books. I am very interested in the clinical side of medicine, and now we spend 3 hours every day in the hospital seeing patients. Now I and my group are posted in the surgery department. I am sure to get wide knowledge in surgery. This year we will study about pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, forensic medicine and toxicology.  

Many thanks again for helping me,

2nd year Medical Student  
Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu


Click here to download a letter written by Praveen in August 2013.





Below is a letter written by Praveen in October 2012:

Letter part 1
Letter part 1

Praveen and family
Praveen (center) with his parents and 2 of his older sisters.


September 2014: a special thanks to Product Solutions Research Inc ( c/o Sangeeta Patel, for their very generous donation to Praveen's scholarship fund!


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