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When you shop online, use as your portal to over 5,000 retailers ranging from Sports Authority to Ulta and Staples. With every purchase you make, you will save money and Goodshop will donate up to 20% of what you spend, enabling Sahaya International to continue our important efforts, thanks to you! It only takes a moment to sign up and designate Sahaya International as your cause

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Building bridges of friendship and support across the globe, Sahaya International is built on the belief that each of us has a genuine power to make a difference, be a spark of hope, be a catalyst of change. And the mutual rewards are endless.

Click here for an Indian story about a cracked pot that will help you understand.
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Sahaya is sanskrit for "HELP" - by helping others, we enrich ourselves.

Join us at Sahaya Walks 2015, on Sunday, October 11, 2015

  SAHAYA WALKS (previously called Hope Walks) is a family-oriented annual event to celebrate that we can make a difference in the lives of HIV-infected children and orphans in the programs of Sahaya Internationall in developing countries. We do a very short walk, eat snacks, drink lemonade, listen to music, play fun games and listen to people share their hopes for an AIDS-free future. This is the 9th year we were having this event.

To learn more, visit

This photograph of our Mother Teresa School in India is featured in the October 2015 issue of the Rotarian, the official magazine of Rotary International. To see more informaton on this inauguration of the 2nd level of our Mother Teresa school, click here.

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Update June 2015

A big THANK YOU to the the Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation and to the Transparent Fish Fund for their continued generous support and friendship!

The Ping and Amy Chao Foundation awarded us a $15,000 grant. Of this award, $9,000 will be used to help 90 needy students who are part of our scholarship program. The remaining $6,000 will be used to construct 6 homes via our housing program. In addition, the Transparent Fish fund has given an extra $1585 for the housing program.

We are very grateful to both foundations for their continued support, which makes an incredible difference in our programs in Vietnam.

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Our circle of Sahaya friends is saddened to announce the passing of Ernest T. Edwards, aka Mumba (1951-2014), partner of 34 years of Pierre Smit.

Mumba passed away peacefully on Friday 9/19 after a long illness. He will be remembered as a caring, positive and loving friend with an unmatched bubbly personality.

We send our condolence and thoughts of sympathys to Pierre, all the relatives and close friends.

In lieu of flowers, Pierre has requested that memorial contributions be made to Sahaya International. Click here on the various ways to donate.

All donations will be used to give a future to orphans and underprivileged children in Sahaya's programs i developing countries.


sahaya going beyond

Sahaya Going Beyond


An award-winning documentary by
Hollywood filmmaker/director Andy Lauer

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Andy Lauer


Narrated by Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons

and with theme song "May it be" by Grammy Award winner Enya


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Become a proud sponsor of Praveen, Medical Student

PRAVEEN  is a 19-year old youth from a poor lower-caste family in rural India, He is the very first student in our programs to get accepted to Medical School. This is very special. But he needs our support.
Click here or on the picture to learn more and join "TEAM PRAVEEN".

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