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Hope Walks Davis 2007, 2008 and 2009 have raised together nearly $23,000 for needy orphans and HIV-infected children in India.

Hope Walks Davis 2010 has so far already raised clsose to $5000 and fundraising is continuing!

Please consider making a donation so we can continue to keep these children alive and healthy, feed them and send them to school.....and above all, give them hope for a future.

Click here to make a donation, make a fundraising page, or sponsor a walker.

Click here to read the newspaper article about the 2010 event.



We want to thank all participants and the amazing team of volunteers that made the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hope Walks in Davis a success, including our partners, First Baptist Church, St. James Parish , University Covenant Church, the CA-House and International House Davis, and our generous sponsors.
These events were held to give everyone, particularly children, the opportunity to do something concrete in the face of the worldwide AIDS epidemic. We walked, ate energy bars, drank lemonade, played games, threw water balloons, and listened to people talk about their hopes for an AIDS-free future. On some of the events, we were delighted that consecutive Davis Mayors Sue Greenwald, Ruth Asmundson, and Don Saylor were able to attend.

During these 4 HopeWalks events, we also benefited from the singing of Mary Suparek, the Mommy & Daddy” band, Laura Sandage & Katie Henry, Coexist, and Frank Starsnik’s magic. And thanks to everyone who helped blow up hundreds of blue and orange balloons!

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Please -- seniors, boomers, teens and children --

join us again on SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2011,

so we can continue to spread the word that AIDS is a treatable disease that can be challenged by education and caring.

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