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Latest update: we completed the 2nd edition of our "Deaf Peer's Health Manual". Click here or on the picture below to download the pdf file.

Deaf Peer Education Manual


UPDATE MAY 29, 2010

The Deaf Women forums:

These fora recently concluded with 89% of the 80 Deaf women becoming aware of their sexuality, sexual reproductive health, sexual offences, and sexual rights. There were 2 bi-annual forums in Nairobi’s Kibera and Dandora. We are currently looking for more funds to reach more Deaf women in other parts of Nairobi, Nyanza, and Western provinces, on these topics to mitigate situations such as infections, unplanned pregnancies, fatal abortions, rape, assault, unsafe sex, sex for exchange, all pegged on lack of Deaf-friendly information.  This will be done through Deaf-friendly ICT ideas that will reach more Deaf women in a shorter time. The 1st phase of this project has been funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Production of IEC materials:

The 2nd edition of the Deaf Peers Education Manual is ongoing. The production of Sign Language-based posters is commencing, towards supporting the service providers’ effort in extending their services to Deaf community;  we are looking for printing firms that can do good work at a fair cost!
This work is being done thanks to grant support from Gilead Sciences.
We are looking for additional funds to produce many more needed Deaf-friendly educational materials to enhance their awareness levels.

Deaf youth program:

This program continues to roll out: 21 service providers from different public health service centers, including rights centers, have been trained.  A survey of the Deaf children on their levels of knowledge on health and human rights is currently taking place within the target 10 schools for the Deaf in Kenya’s Nyanza, Eastern, and Central provinces.  This will culminate into the training of master teachers (who are themselves Deaf and teachers in the schools of the Deaf) as well as peer educators who are themselves Deaf students in these schools. They will work together within the Peer education networks  in their schools, to disseminate information on sexual health and human rights. This program is funded by USAID, in partnership with GRACE Africa, towards bettering the lives of orphans and vulnerable children to alleviate the burdens of HIV.

Who is welcome to participate?

Anyone, anytime, and in any way! Whatever skills, experience, and aspirations you have will surely manifest in making the program a success. Each of you have unique qualities which in some way can save a deaf child or adult from becoming infected with HIV, and in other ways toward risk-free health. The smaller the world, the bigger the neighborhood! Please join our ‘Volunteers of Sahaya (VOS) Club; (soon available: downloadable form) or contact us through our email in

Can we help by donating?

Yes, donations go all the way towards making our mission a reality. Even with one dollar a big difference is made as we run on a shoestring budget and manage our own overhead costs of correspondence and postage.

Please join our Friends of Sahaya (FOS) Club; whether you are inside or outside of Kenya, you can support us. See the buttons on the top of this page for further information. Send us an e-mail to to join our mailing list with e-mail updates.

We thank you for your support!

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